Our team

Our legal director

Lawyer and Doctor of Intellectual Property Law and Law of New Information Technologies and Communication, Amanda has dealt with many issues such as identity theft, data protection, social identity and virtual footprint.

She also has an artistic talent: since very young, Amanda tries to different activities such as painting, music or photography.

Amanda decided to create the ARTICLAW company to make the law more accessible to everyone.

The ARTICLAW company allows him to reconnect with an artistic universe that is so familiar while continuing to practice in his field of training, law. Unsurprisingly, ARTICLAW focuses on services for artists and creative people of all kinds.

Amanda assists and advises all creative and passionate artists, streamers, youtubers, e-sports structures, publishers and video game players.

Our partner

SeriousEvo is a communication agency specializing in the design of original content and media for a global external communication, it also offers advice and training on demand. We are an alliance between professionals in marketing, communication, graphic arts, audiovisual, in addition to specialists in digital and new communication media.

One of the strengths of SeriousEvo is its ability to create original solutions based on the interweaving of multiple media.

We can produce video content for your YouTube channel, or Facebook page, but we can also, if you wish, transform this creation into a simple step belonging to a series of contents that are inspired by your traditional communication campaigns and that refer your audience to other media and media for voluntary exposure and benefit from bonuses or privileges ensuring a special relationship with a particular category of customers, while others will appreciate the originality of the adventure that your brand initiated.

Team WIP, formerly BeGame esports, is a semi-professional esportive team playing on the Fortnite, Counter Strike, Global Offensive, FIFA, Versus Fighting and Call of Duty scenes.

Team WIP has an Academy team for all types of players who want to develop their favorite game

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The graphic studio & printing house Calendal, created in 1953 is one of the major players in digital creation and printing in the city of Marseille.

Experts in DTP and 2D or 3D digital creation.

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